Church Foyer Receives a Modern Makeover with Plankwise!

Our latest project provided us the opportunity to add a finishing touch to the Genesis Center's new location! We were able to install multiple finishes in a unique combination allowing our planks to help this amazing space reach it's true potential. Shout out to Lindsey Young of Petoskey Kitchen and Bath for doing such a great job with the design!

Below are before and after videos of the project. We’ll be taking you on a brisk walk through it, and would absolutely love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

As you can see from the first snapshot, the facility was looking clean but also a bit dull. Overall it’s atmosphere needed a bit of nudge to take it over the top. That's where we come in! Our Plankwise Hardwood Wall Coverings allow home owners, contractors, builders and designers to add an authentic and natural finish that caters to a modern aesthetic. We pride ourselves on the fact that we aren't rustic barn wood, but instead offer a finish and color palette that is in sync with the latest interior design trends. 

Without further ado, the moment we all look forward to most with Chip and Jo. The unveiling of this new space!


It’s amazing what the right combination of colors can add to an open area. For this specific project, our walnut wall planks were used in partnership with a custom cut and painted noir pieces bringing together the entire foyer. The blue barn door pushes the boundaries of the overall neutral area without stealing the spotlight from the rest of room.

Questions? Thoughts? Opinions? Overall the addition of our planks to this space provides a contemporary yet organic boost that brings all of the elements of this room together.

If you've been looking for that final accent that upgrades the atmosphere of your home, head over to our wall coverings tab to see the different products and finishes we offer. If you have questions feel free to leave a comment below or reach out over phone or email!

Thanks for reading! We will keep everyone updated on our latest projects here on the PW blog!

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