Our Warranty Coverage

We warrant that Plankwise products be free from manufacturing defects and are backed by a 20 year warranty from the Manufacturer to the original purchaser, for products used in commercial and residential interior applications. Warranty is not transferable. Manufacturing defects are improper milling, delaminating, or assembly. Only purchases made through authorized Retailers or the Plankwise manufacturer itself are covered under this warranty. Products purchased must be registered with the Manufacturer within 60 days of end user’s purchase for warranty to be valid. You may register your warranty at plankwise.com/warranty.

Maintaining your Warranty

● It is required to follow installation instructions found at https://www.plankwise.com/resources/

● It is required to acclimate Plankwise 48 hours before installing.

● Humidity levels within the building should be maintained in the temperature range of 65°F and 85°F (18°C and 30°C) and humidity range of 40% and 60% before, during and after installation. Plankwise products are not recommended in shower or bath areas.

● Do not install Plankwise outdoors or in an area that is exposed to outdoor elements.

● It is required to keep your proof of purchase, the label on the box that identifies the product and any other receipts or documents.

What Is Not Covered by this Warranty

● Grain pattern, color, and/or texture variances in the planks or trim because wood is a natural product and these variances are considered normal. Colors will vary from website and print materials due to each hardwood piece being unique.

● Natural color changes which occur in wood over time due to UV light exposure.

● Color match to other wood products or additional subsequent Plankwise orders.

● Damage caused by improper installation of Plankwise products; check all pieces before installing.

● Mismeasurement, installation error, wall or paint damage.

● Damage resulting from cracks or curling that do not affect the structural performance of the product.

● Expansion, contraction, warping or movement of the products related to changing ambient humidity or moisture levels.

● Contact with chemicals or paint.

● Discoloration due to airborne contamination, staining, or oxidation.

● Water damage occurring from natural disasters, standing water, outside water from sprinkler systems, snow, rain, or water that enters through an open window or door, other corrosive liquids, appliance failures, moisture emissions from a concrete wall or ceiling.

● Damage to the wall or support beams Plankwise is applied to. Planks are not load bearing. Wall decor can be mounted by drilling through the planks, provided the underlying wall provides sufficient support (i.e. wall studs). Use proper hardware to install any wall decor.

● Improper cleaning of the planks (planks should be cleaned by a damp, non abrasive cloth).

● No installer, retailer, dealer, distributor, or agent has the authority to increase or alter the obligations or limitations of this warranty.

● The sole remedy provided herein is replacement material only for the repair or replacement of the defective products. Labor for installation or reinstallation is not covered by this warranty. Labor costs for removal of defective product and installation of replacement product are not covered by this warranty.

How To Make A Warranty Claim:

All warranty claims must be made prior to the removal or disposal of the defective product. Contact the Retailer where you purchased the Plankwise product within 30 days after detecting a potential manufacturing defect to report the details. Proof of purchase and product registration within 60 days of purchase is required. If the Retailer determines the issue is a manufacturing defect that was not apparent at time of installation, they will submit the claim in writing to an authorized regional Distributor for further processing to Manufacturer. Warranty claims will be reviewed by a Manufacturer’s representative and may require photographs and/or samples of the defective product for analysis. Warranty does not include removal or shipping of the requested sample of defective product for analysis. If the claim is approved, the Manufacturer has the option of offering to repair, replace or refund the original cost of the defective materials. Retailer will inform consumer regarding conclusion of claim. Warranty is limited to the cost of the planks only. For additional questions please contact Retreat at (231) 348-4190 or support@plankwise.com